Spatial Analysis






Spatial Analysis is a form of Analysis that utilises data with a Geographic reference, for example latitude and longitude coordinates. As such, Spatial Analysis relies on a form of software known as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Spatial Analysis might also use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, if the space in question is a ‘made’ structure, such as an office tower.

The main purpose of Spatial Analysis is to locate data at the Place, or Location, from which the data emanates, or to which it applies. In Business, Spatial Analysis might be applied to a Place or Location such as a Business or a Home. In the Retail Space, the Location of the Business might be a Shop, Warehouse or Distribution Centre. Customer Data might include where the customer lives, or where the Customer works.

Spatial analysis includes a variety of techniques, including basic Geometry, such as Intersection, Union, and Join.

Business Data can be used in conjunction with Spatial (or Geographic, Place or Locational) data, to locate the data in space in time. For example, where the customer works might be added to what the customer purchases (product or service) and when the purchase occurs (date and time). Other types of Business data might include frequency of purchase (how often) and the value of purchase (cost or spend). Combining Spatial and Business data (in Spatial Analysis) is a common practice in Businesses that rely on Transportation, such as the delivery of products, services, or people at a given time(s) in a given location(s).

Spatial Analysis can also be used to group Business data or activities. For example, a Business Activity might be grouped by Street, Town, Postal Code, Local Government Area, District, Region, State and/or Country. Some Businesses address Business Activity by Business Regions, such as the ‘North West’, ‘South East’, Asia-Pacific, Europe, or the Americas.

Indeed, Spatial Analysis can be applied to most forms of Business Activity, including yours.

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