Change Management

Change is inevitable and constant. Not changing creates risk but change is itself a risk. Indeed, it is argued that some of the most successful businesses in the world have become successful because they promote change and they chase risk.

Yet no-one could accuse Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other industry giants of being reckless.

The secret to Business is to accept Change, but Manage it. Change Management is, in fact, Risk management.

The process of undertaking Change Management is to identify change by determining the Change Requirements (of a given business, product or service). Change Analysis often uses measurements called Benchmarks that pre-determine the minimum measurable standards that a business, product or service will meet.

We practice the following Change Management Techniques:

  • Lewin (3 steps)
  • Four Rooms of Change (4 steps)
  • ADKAR (5 steps)
  • McKinsey (7 steps)
  • Kotter (8 steps)
  • Complex Adaptive Systems
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